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Nursing Courses

Certified Midwife Nurse

responsible for caring for both mothers and babies during pregnancy and labour, as well as the first stages of the postnatal period. Not only do they monitor health and wellbeing but also provide support and guidance on how to tackle life with a newborn.

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Paediatric Nurse

A paediatric nurse, also known as a children’s nurse, works with all ages under the age of 18

Critical Care Nurse

Taking on the role of a critical care nurse requires extensive experience in the industry, meaning that it is not a responsibility that you can expect to take on during the early stages of your career. You must already be a registered nurse then complete further training to equip you with the knowledge required to make critical, prompt decisions in fast-paced situations. Patients are likely to be battling life-threatening conditions and will require constant monitoring, as well as specialist treatments. As a critical care nurse, you will be expected to take a thorough approach to care for patients, completing comprehensive assessments and performing tests. You will also have to feel confident performing particular invasive interventions, including inserting arterial lines. During each shift, you will be working collectively with others involved in the patient’s care, such as surgeons and intensive care doctors.

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Psychiatric Nurse

A psychiatric nurse takes on the role of supporting patients tackling mental health issues, meaning that although it can be incredibly demanding, the position gives you a real chance to make a difference in patient’s lives. As opposed to working with different patients every day, you will spend time developing relationships with individuals, building their trust so that you can gain an accurate insight into their situation. This will also allow you to identify particular triggers so you can intervene ahead of time

Orthopaedic Nurse

For those hoping to work in a less fast-paced environment, orthopaedic nursing is a fantastic career to consider. As an orthopaedic nurse, your role will be to work with patients to aid their recovery from surgery or an injury. The aim will always be to get the patient back to their daily life as quickly as possible, so it will require you to be hands-on with fitting casts, splints and dressings. They will look to you for reassurance and advice, so remaining positive and confident will be of utmost importance. Although, as an orthopaedic nurse, your primary responsibility will be working directly with patients, you will also have to complete paperwork and documentation to keep track of their recovery. This may include ordering additional supplies and materials required to continue your care.

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Geriatric Nurse

Focused on providing care to the older generations, in particular, elderly patients, geriatric nursing is a broad field that allows you to work in a host of different environments.You will be working very closely with other teams, whether this may be your patithe’s carers or social workers, which means that communication skills will be imperative.As a geriatric nurse, your ability to remain upbeat and positive will be vital in striving in your role. You will begin to build relationships with your patients, many of which are likely to find the ageing process incredibly daunting. This means that you will need to take a calm, friendly approach to keep them in full health, encouraging patients to remain updated with their medication and be transparent if they are beginning to feel unwell.