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What is meant by basic care / personal care measures?

Basic care is about supporting everyday basic needs: This includes personal hygiene, such as washing and brushing teeth, eating and promoting mobility. In addition to medical treatment, nursing care measures and help with housekeeping, basic care is an important component of home care. Here again a little more precisely to delimit:  
Basic care and body-related measures support you in coping with basic needs. Treatment care takes care of any medically necessary care. The nursing care measures support you in coping with and shaping everyday life, which means, for example, you receive help with official matters, are accompanied on walks, receive support in the pursuit of your hobbies and other things. The help with housekeeping takes care of activities such as shopping or cooking. Taken together, this results in home care. However, this is not just about “caring for” a person, but about maintaining independence.

What is it like to be cared for? Do I want to let that happen?

To be washed by a stranger is an uncomfortable idea for many people. Some find it easier, others find it harder. Our trained employees know this. That is why they treat you with great respect. Whenever we can, the same team will take care of you. In technical jargon, we speak of “reference care”. This is a holistic approach: we always look at the whole person with all their needs. You are in good hands with Goshen outpatient care services.  
  • Differences in the various care services

Which care offer is suitable for whom? Definition of the care service
Day care : Relief for caregivers
Short-term care : Relief for caregivers after hospitalization
Preventive care : Relief for caring relatives
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Medical treatment care : for people who need medical care at home as prescribed by a doctor. Example: Supply of medication. Wound care. Putting on compression stockings

Inpatient care: suitable for people who need comprehensive support in care, medical care, social support and housekeeping around the clock

Care service through outpatient care : for people who need care from time to time: Examples ,going for walks, help with official matters, maintaining the daily structure, support with hobbies and games, needs-based employment.

Outpatient care: for people who can live at home with support. Examples of services: treatment care, supervision, help with housekeeping

Basic care / body- related measures: for people who need support in the following areas: personal hygiene, such as washing and brushing teeth, eating, promoting mobility.
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Our outpatient care service provides you with treatment care according to a doctor’s prescription. Call us, we will be happy to inform you about the offer! Maybe we can answer your first questions about treatment care here:

What is meant by medical care according to a doctor’s prescription or treatment care?
Treatment care will be prescribed by your doctor, for example if you are discharged from the hospital and need further medical care. It can also serve to avoid or shorten hospital stays. It can also be used to ensure treatment by a general practitioner / specialist.


Don’t you feel like cooking?
Cooking is not for everyone: some people just don't enjoy it, others can't cook and sometimes you don't want to bother when nobody is eating with you. Eating is an important topic. At Goshen we offer A week plan Balanced Meal Plan.This Meals can be delivered at home .
Nutrition services : We also help individuals craft weight loss or health plans. these are carried out by licensed nutritionist

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A lot is still possible, but not everything,For some tasks it would be good to have a helping hand. Help with housekeeping should not be confused with the work of a cleaner. Unfortunately, we do not provide cleaning staff. However, the Goshen outpatient care service supports you with household tasks such as shopping or preparing meals. Are you interested in help with housekeeping? We look forward to your call!